Liberate your clients from the agony of ad-hoc rent and fee collection.

ZRent is a responsive web app that automates the collection of rent and other monthly fees. You can offer it for free to your clients, based on their banking relationship, and it’s always free for individual payers.

No core integration necessary: ZRent requires very minimal implementation resources.

Secure for all parties: Our platform handles all the security protocols to protect your data as well as your clients’ (and their customers’) sensitive data.

Branded for your institution: Your brand is incorporated into the user interface to protect your client relationships and offer a consistent user experience.

Robust support: We provide tier-one support for both payees and payers, including transaction processing, ID verification, staff training, marketing resources, and a dedicated support representative for your institution.

Typical use-cases:






Property Managers


Storage Units


Parking Spaces

ZRent is perfect for almost any organization that relies on monthly rent or fee collection!

Your commercial clients will enjoy:

• Anywhere, anytime access

• Detailed dashboard

• Payment forecasting

• Faster payments

• Descriptive transactions

• Monthly reporting

Occupants love:

• Easy online access

• Automated, recurring payment

• Payment tracking

• Bank account privacy

• Rent-splitting options

• Always free to use

“We focus on student housing and young professionals. And many of them don’t pay their rent, their parents do. So we were getting checks from all over the place. I had considered bringing in a digital payment solution but the costs were prohibitive. With ZRent, we can have a tenant pay their portion and bring in another user to contribute the rest of the funds.”

Dennis Clair

Property Manager, ZRent user