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Targeted Innovation through Partnerships with Fintechs

Our CEO, Nathan Baumeister, shared his thoughts on how financial institutions can drive innovation through partnerships with Fintechs in an article on Bank Business News. Check it out!

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Hire an intern!

by Curtis Whiting, VP of Product at ZSuite Technologies For 10 years I’ve used College students as mini “skunkworks” teams. Why wouldn’t I want kids from my local colleges wearing my company gear around campus and home on the weekends to their parents?   More projects completed and walk-around advertising in […]

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Banking as a Service: What You Need to Know

Our CEO, Nathan Baumeister, recently joined James Robert Lay on the Banking on Digital Growth Podcast to discuss how financial institutions can thrive and innovate with different strategies whether it be leaning into Banking as a Service (Baas) or partnering with Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. Whether BaaS, SaaS, […]

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The Digital Escrow Opportunity for Community Banks

Driven by increasing consumer demand and heightened competition, community banks have evolved at an amazing pace. This transformation was further accelerated by the pandemic as institutions quickly developed and deployed new digital tools and services in an effort to provide customers an engaging and interactive experience regardless of their location […]

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