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Property managers and landlords are an extremely profitable vertical for financial institutions due to both their deposit (operating accounts, security deposits, reserve accounts) and lending needs (they have to finance their properties somehow). Offering additional value beyond just deposit accounts and loans is a great way to attract more and expand existing relationships already built at the financial institution.

ZSuite partner banks and credit unions offer the products to their clients at no charge as long as the landlord and property managers use them as their primary institution. The products go beyond just digitizing existing processes by making day-to-day property management easier, faster, more secure, and even providing tools to facilicitate landlord/tenant compliance requirements.

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Our property management solutions

ZRent is a web app that offers convenience for landlords, property managers, and their occupants. By automating and digitizing the collection of rent and condo dues, this innovative tool streamlines and simplifies the process. It is free to use when linked to an account at a financial institution that partners with ZSuite Technologies.

ZDeposit is a web app that landlords and property manager use to manage security deposits. It provides convenience and transparency to landlords and tenants. It has built-in workflows to facilitate compliance with any state specific landlord/ tenant laws. All security deposits are core deposits held at ZSuite’s Partners.

Easy integration and high quality support

Because ZRent and ZDeposit systems do not require integration with your core processor, there are minimal technical resources on your end needed to implement both products. All security protocols to protect your clients' sensitive data are addressed by our systems, processes and procedures. With banking in our DNA, security stays top-of-mind for the ZSuite team, so we've got you covered.

The technology comes with plenty of resources to ensure your success from the start. Call center support for both landlords and tenants, transaction processing, ID verification, staff training, marketing resources, and an assigned person to each partner financial institution are just some of the services that come standard.

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