The business world desperately needed a digital escrow and sub-accounting solution. So we built it.

ZEscrow is a responsive web app for digital commercial escrow and sub-accounting. It can be used by a variety of entities and organizations who need an escrow or sub-accounting solution that is convenient, compliant, and full-featured.

Light weight implementation: ZEscrow requires very minimal implementation resources.

Compliance made easy: Built-in configurations to facilitate compliance with any regional or local laws.

Secure for all parties: Our platform handles all the security protocols to protect your data as well as your clients’ (and their customers’) sensitive data.

Branded for your institution: Your brand is incorporated into the user interface to protect your client relationships and offer a consistent user experience.

Robust support: We provide tier-one support for all users, including transaction processing, ID verification, staff training, marketing resources, and a dedicated support representative for your institution.

The old way of handling sub-accounting and escrow is a relic

While many people think of retail mortgages when they hear the word “escrow,” the reality is far broader and more complex. In fact, ZSuite doesn’t dabble in retail mortgage escrow, just to be clear. We’ve taken the age-old, labor intensive, commercial escrow/sub-accounting process and transformed it with technology.

For commercial banking clients, there are three sub-categories that fall under the specialization of commercial sub-accounting:



Holding money for an entity or entities

• Security deposits (such as ZDeposit)

• Utility deposits

• Surety bonds



Large or delicate transactions

• Real-estate

• Buying and selling businesses

• Surrogacy

• Agricultural transactions



Large-scale “envelope” systems with accountability

This is useful when an organization needs to sub-divide funds that are ear-marked for specific purposes and may need to add conditions or approval to those sub-accounts for disbursement.

Your commercial escrow and sub-accounting clients will be thrilled with:

• Automated eStatements

• Easy sub-account creation

• Seamless regulatory compliance

• Precise interest splitting control

• Digital funding and account connectivity

• Detailed accountability and approval

• Doing everything remotely through
our 24/7 online platform

“What’s great about (ZEscrow) is that they’ve looked at all the realm as far as the legal aspect, because obviously when we’re dealing with municipalities, government agencies, and also attorney accounts we gotta make sure we’re doing things properly. They’ve really gone through all the pain points and then what is the solution to develop the product… there’s nothing out there that can truly take away all the manual process like this can.”

Veronica Ross
SVP/Treasury Management Leader, Kearny Bank