ZSuite’s technology platform makes it buttery smooth and easy to:

Give law firms, real estate brokers, and title companies the digital escrow capability that your competitors can’t offer.

Offer municipalities and government entities the power of convenient, scalable sub-accounting and escrow services that work for diverse applications.

Help property managers collect rent across all their units, including from multiple payers for a single unit.

Allow property managers to manage security deposits elegantly and comply with applicable regulations - no more “master” spreadsheets to keep everything separate and distinct from the general operating account.

Facilitate some of the complex financial transactions such as 1031 exchanges, mergers and acquisitions, investments, and high-end purchases that require multi-party authentication and approval.

Every product interface on our platform can be customized with your brand so that the relationship between you and the client stays in focus. Your reputation gets a boost for offering convenient, digital products. ZSuite is here to make your institution and your team look great.

What does ZSuite stand for?

ZSuite means the END of manual operational processes for financial institutions with escrow or sub-accounting needs.

We offer the ONLY completely digital commercial escrow and sub-accounting system.

ZSuite means the END of manual operational processes for financial institutions with escrow or sub-accounting needs.


You might feel skeptical about that statement. Most sub-accounting and escrow methods are practically fossils — unchanged since the invention of double-entry bookkeeping in the 11th century AD.


How do we know that? Because Zsuite was born from a bank (Leader Bank) that was tired of waiting on third-parties and decided to invest in building a digital solution for sub-accounting.

cloud computing

If you follow these types of things, our platform is a container-based, cloud native, API-first, SaaS platform built on countless modern tech acronyms, and it can handle the most complex integrations.

ZSuite builds pragmatic software that feels transcendent compared to the conventional approach to escrow and sub-accounting. Every software product and feature we develop is based on real bank, business, and end-user feedback.

Why hasn’t anyone else done this yet?

Most institutions dislike the current process for commercial escrow and sub-accounting but have no alternatives. Many fintech companies are too focused on software wizardry, missing the importance of compliance.
Many cores don’t have a full-featured solution that is ready for market. And business operators are extremely busy, so they resent coming into the branch for transactions that can, and should, be completed digitally.

If you want to secure your position as the preeminent financial institution for:

• Municipalities

• Attorneys and law firms

• Property managers

• Real estate firms and brokerages

• Title companies

• 1031 Exchanges

• Unions

• Non-profits

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Discover who is using ZSuite to differentiate

James Hayes

“My first impression of ZSuite Technologies? Two words: game-changer.”

James Hayes

VP Corporate Cash Management,
Bank of New Hampshire